2. Did you know that…

2 … in SOLEÁ and ALEGRÍA there is a metric overlap which actually explains why flamenco artists give the number 1 to the second beat of the measure? ¿Or that the original metric correlation between SOLEÁ and SIGUIRIYA is, in fact, two metric cycles of Siguiriya for every one of Soleá?

  • In this regard, a clear distinction between metrical accent and rhythmical accent is needed, barely noticed in treaties of musical theory but essential for a proper analysis of music of oral tradition like Flamenco.
  • It is also necessary to state a definition of sesquialter beat pulse, the hallmark of a group of genres including SIGUIRIYA, GUAJIRA, PETENERA and FANDANGO ABANDOLAO, which makes cycles of 5 beats equivalent in length to cycles of 6, as well as cycles of 9, 10 or 11 beats to cycles of 12.

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