3. Did you know that…

3 … TANGUILLO DE CÁDIZ is based on a subtle polyrhythm, a sort of swing which goes far beyond the simple 2/4 time signature? ¿And that the genre known as TIENTO is basically a very slow recreation of this swing?

  • For a proper distinction of flamenco genres in terms of musical meter, it is necessary to classify them through an analysis of pulse levels, such as the one displayed by Argentinian musicologist Silvia Malbrán in “El oído de la mente” (“The ear of the mind”), following the momentous “Generative Theory of Tonal Music” by Fred Lerdahl and Ray Jackendoff.
  • Thereby, for example, we will see that there are in fact 4 types of meter subdivision in Flamenco: binary, ternary, in triplets, and even an irregular one..

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