Ritmo y compás


Metric structure and rhythmic-harmonic articulation
of the flamenco pulsed genres.
An audiobook including…

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historical audio exampleshistorical audio examples of all flamenco genres, periods and main artists.
didactic audio examplesdidactic audio examples recorded especially for the book.

All accessible with a single click, to illustrate the musical concepts in their true dimension.

 phonographic selectionsphonographic selections with paradigmatic recordings of each flamenco genre, including singing, guitar and dancing.

record referencesrecord references based on reliable sources and listed chronologically.  
transcriptionstranscriptions of guitar, singing, ‘cajón’ (box drum) and ‘palmas’ (clapping) fragments. 


Esquemasdiagrams, graphs and charts to facilitate the understanding of the analysis and its conclusions.


CHECKED by readers with and without musical education.
The wording is now more gradual and entertaining, illustrated in greater quantity and quality of graphic and sound examples.