Bernat Jiménez de Cisneros Puig

A personal project for the dissemination and teaching of Flamenco from a musicological perspective.

Free download of "Ritmo y compás" (Spanish edition)


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  • Bernat Jiménez de Cisneros Puig is a website for the presentation and distribution of the Flamenco musical analysis research works by Bernat Jiménez de Cisneros Puig, a flamenco guitarist with more than fifteen years of teaching experience, including workshops of flamenco guitar, 'palmas' (clapping) and 'combo' (ensemble). In 2000 he completed with Manuel Granados the advanced level of flamenco guitar studies at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu in Barcelona, including subjects like Flamenco Music Theory, History of Flamenco or Ethnomusicology & Flamencology. Since 2005 he has conducted masterclasses and lectures at different music schools, conservatories and universities, with titles like "Flamenco: a musical language", "La Soleá and the flamenco musical system", "La Petenera and the flamenco harmony" or "El Fandango de Huelva: the touchstone of Flamenco". In 2006-2007 he taught at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) in the subjects of Instrumental Repertoire, Singing Accompaniment & Improvisation and Ensemble.

    Over the last decade, Bernat Jiménez de Cisneros Puig has combined his teaching work with an intensive research work. Here, he presents "Ritmo y compás: estructura métrica y articulación rítmico-armónica de los géneros flamencos acompasados", the first volume of a collection on musicology of Flamenco. It consists of an audiobook in PDF format including 300 examples of historic audio clips of all genres, periods and main artists, and 120 didactic audio examples. As a result of an arduous task of collecting and analysing a great number of phonographic sources, this audiobook also provides 19 selections of paradigmatic recordings of each flamenco genre, 90 transcriptions of guitar, singing, 'cajón' (box drum) or clapping fragments, ending with a list of more than 600 record references in chronological order. With a new and updated vision of Flamenco, this first volume aims to unveil its musical keys, providing unpublished or novel thesis on flamenco metric structure, rhythm and harmony, intended not only for initiates in this musical language, but in general to music fans, students or professionals.

    In the future, new research works will be delivered, about the morphology and classification of flamenco singing or about the language of flamenco clapping, with the same purpose of disseminating Flamenco from a rigorous and systematic musicological analysis. These new issues by, always delivered as digital audiobooks and illustrated with examples and transcripts of all kinds, shall be funded by the donations of the readers, that can be made through this web page.