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Your economic support will make possible new editions about singing, clapping technique and other aspects of flamenco music.


    «Ritmo y compás» is the result of a decade of research into the major disciplines of Flamenco music: from the ‘toque’ (guitar playing), the epicentre of this first volume and the basis of my flamenco musical education, to the singing language or the clapping technique.

    Thus, the thesis that I now present around metrics, rhythm and harmony fits a holistic vision of Flamenco, which I am convinced will be useful both to those already initiated in this language as well as fans, students and professionals of music in general.

    However, making the first volume has needed not only a great deal of conceptual synthesis, and their realization in the form of an illustrated audiobook, but also an arduous task of collecting and analysing numerous phonographic sources.

    Also, over the last three years, a thorough re-reading, correction and further graphic and sound illustration of the book was performed, in order to give the reader a useful, mature and trustworthy product.

    Today, new research focused on the analysis of singing and clapping is underway. However, there remains a long way to go, as these years dedicated to the review and correction of this first volume have revealed that even though the process of investigation and synthesis of conclusions is long and costly, it is necessary to offer them in an understandable and orderly way.

    Therefore, I invite you to cooperate economically with this independent project through a donation which will be used exclusively for research and editing of new works on Flamenco musical analysis.

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Your point of view will surely help to improve future editions.




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